Christopher Chuilli

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

For 14 years Chris Chuilli has been the Senior Executive of Technomedia Solutions a MOOD MEDIA Company. Chris’s primary role was to oversee the global operations of the company from implementation to EBITDA and all in between as well as business development. He has over thirty years in corporate America centered on radio/television/broadcast/immersive applications/ product development/interactive and media verticals. Chris has managed, negotiated, operated, and has been partnered with many of the largest companies on a global level as a trusted advisor. He has sound and sophisticated elite level negotiation skills, putting people, projects, and clients first. This transparent approach has nurtured and created a vast list of C-Suite clients reflecting his deep centered core ability to find common ground in all settings always achieving and exceeding expectations.

Over his 30 years in business at the executive level, consultation, product development, Chris has become a respected industry leader known for excellence in business development, marketing, project management and high-profile engineering skills always creating outside the box. Chris lives for new challenges, creating a value proposition, scalability and working with like-minded people. Chris has received many certifications over the years and his formal education centers around communications and business.

Chris’ direct style of management lends itself to any organization and applied project approach. The diversity of his project and operational background gives any vertical a solid foundation for practical and measurable day-to-day growth as well as guidance and mentorship that brings the supporting team up to the next level of expertise. His diverse yet practical background coupled with a technical and business education allows Chris to predict, guide, and focus the efforts of all those involved around him and the project at hand.

Chris has a worked with major fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies and professional sports teams and many more high-profile companies. Chris is proficient in all facets of construction design and implementation, at all phases and levels of integration within the low voltage discipline, an engineering mind as well as highly sophisticated in new product development and applications

Along with of his core skill set, Chris has a wide range of knowledge and has always been acutely aligned with emerging technologies. He is a quick study and devotes enormous hours of research in the areas of biology pertaining to microbiome dysregulation, neurotransmitters, and the relevance of the gut/brain axis as it pertains to the relationship between serotonin and GABA as well as all neurological transmitters, digestive health, and genetics. The relationship between glutamate and GAD as it pertains to the conversion of GABA as well as inherent deficiencies and the relevance of anti-bodies. Chris was thrust into this research and field due to his teenage daughter becoming severely ill within weeks of taking the wrong supplement that subsequently broke the brain blood barrier creating a cascading effect causing sudden onset autistic mannerisms /OCD/ Stimming/Light Sensitivity & Noise Sensitivity among other symptoms. Within months his daughter could not leave the house or travel in a car. Chris played an instrumental role in discovering significant methylation issues, gut brain axis conditions as well as neurotransmitter conversion potential issues and synapse inconsistencies. These findings assisted the current medical team in a base diagnosis, cure prognosis and go forward plan, after several other highly and reputable medical professionals and organizations could not pinpoint what Chris discovered. Thankfully, Chris’ daughter is making progress with the right treatment.  

Additionally, and most recently Chris has researched and worked with Dr Jason Field of the University of Arizona School of Natural Resources and the Environment as well as many other prominent scientific and medical experts in the development of the new Nano Smart approach to VOCs honing his knowledge and approach regarding the science of photocatalysis PCO both surfaces based as well as air borne pathogen mitigation. Chris has also been instrumentally involved in the research and development of a new Nano Smart based company pertaining to additional solutions including but not limited to Full Spectrum UVC/Far UV/ Bacteria based LED Lighting / Sensing devices and a plethora of other areas all pertaining to the reduction of pathogens and the implementation of these solutions into global spaces of all types.

Chris is a golf enthusiast, father of five children and four grandchildren and lives in sunny Florida with his wife, daughter, and two sons.

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