Derek Murphy DO

Chief Neuromusculoskeletal Specialist / Founder

Dr. Derek Murphy, DO, holds a bachelor's in biology from Walsh University and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has completed a residency in neuromusculoskeletal medicine at Larkin Community Hospital. In addition, Dr. Murphy has also completed a fellowship at Academy for Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine in metabolic medicine. He is also one of the few physicians also certified in medical acupuncture. Dr. Murphy owns a medical practice in St Cloud, Florida, called Holistic Medicine Wellness Center. He currently practices integrative pain management, metabolic, and functional medicine. Dr. Murphy believes many current medical problems arise from excesses or deficiencies in biochemical pathways. The ability to create a personalized product to balance the body's natural biochemistry is why Dr. Murphy is passionate about My Shake Health. With increasing medical costs, patients seeking alternative medication options, and the rising need for personalized treatment plans, My Shake Health fits perfectly into the new landscape of medicine. A quote from Dr. Murphy is, "The best way to treat a disease is never to get the disease in the first place." Dr. Murphy, one of the founding partners, believes My Shake Health could be a vital tool in this solution of preventative medicine.

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